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Author Topic: GhostBusters movie (2016)  (Read 457 times)


GhostBusters movie (2016)
« on: January 15, 2017, 05:25:33 PM »
I finally got had the change to watch this movie yesterday, and boy I wasnt really impressed by this movie.
Although it was somewhat funny at some points but it wasnt to me as a good Ghostbusters movie as like the old one.
For one the story was very weak, especially on the ghosts on where they come from since there is now a bad guy in the movie who can have the power to control the ghosts, also there is lots of copies from other movies like the one where us homeland security and a bunch of army guys tries to stop Kevin (this scene come very similar with the mask movie where the dance scene starts with the cops).

There are lots of these copy-n-paste scenes that you might see, also there are lots of things that are still not answered and where all the ideas come from that the girls have as techs.
There are fun parts in it as especially slimer that gets some what a funny role in this movie.
Also, there are lots of cameos from the old team, however I did have loved if the story was different with the old team right now they are just there as someone else, if they made the scene like the old ghostbusters where they had quit the job or giving the flame to these new ones, then I was more pleased, right now I get a feeling they werent appreciated to get those roles.

There is however a scene where Dan comes in as a cab driver, where he makes her know that these ghosts are a class 5 ghosts are and not as scary, and then he does the I am not afraid of no ghost

Also, there are lots of reverences to the old locations, like the old hq that later get to be the hq, the old motel that the old team had destroyed (where slimer was first seen), this is now the hard rockers concert, also in there you see some old statues on the wall, if you look closer you can see the old 4 legged creatures from the first movie where the old team is in front of him.
I wouldnt say its a very bad movie, no its not, but for me as I was child and loved the old movie and hoping there would ever be a new one I would have seen a different story for this.
I once bought the Ghostbusters the video game, where the old team are back, I did like that story, and would better see that part as an ending for the movie.
I dont know if there will be a new movie from this but I do hope the story would be better.
Im not going into details of this movie as I think mostly you must see it before you judge it. But this is my thoughts on it.

Raymond T.

Re: GhostBusters movie (2016)
« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2017, 09:32:54 PM »
I saw it in theaters. From what I remember the movie was fine. Not great, not really good, but also not terrible. Just...fine. My greatest fear was that the movie would be focused on Melissa McCarthy's character and that the other characters would have been side-characters. But that was not the case. I was afraid that Leslie Jones' character would be loud and empty. Thankfully the only times she was were the same moments that were in the trailer, and in the actual movie she was more of a person. The four women who played the ghostbusters did their parts well. None of them really stood out, like in the original you knew who the brains was, who the tech-guy was, who the nerd was and who the support was. In this story, not so much.

The real issue I have with the movie is the direction. Not really that much of a surprise for the people who know me. Since I am not a fan of Paul Feig. He directed some well-known TV shows in the past, but I always thought his episodes were 'meh' at best. He then switched over to the big screen. First with Bridesmaids. I loved the talent I saw in the movie. Although Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph were supposed to be the stars of it, Melissa McCarthy stole the show. And he's been riding her tailcoat ever since. The movies he made since was because of the comedic talents of Melissa McCarthy, not the directing prowess of Paul Feig.

In all of Feig's movies the pacing is awful. The timing is off. He puts too much focus on jokes that do not work. And more times than not, the editing directions are all over the place. Making it difficult to stay focussed on what is happening on the screen. If Feig was not the director, I would bet the movie would have been a far better product. Because the effort was there! The look and feel did have that Ghostbusters flavor to it. You could see that the actors gave a damn about the franchise.

Angry Joe said it best, when he said that this movie was having a good joke immediately followed by two or three bad ones. With no attention to the good ones and too much focus on the bad ones. In my opinion, a better director could have saved this movie.
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