News: eh, nuq 'oH, doc?

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Messages - Raymond T.

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tsss… hiring a minicon to pour engex… that's disturbing… not to mention, she's underage compared to a bot like me... what's next, having protoforms poledance?!? :nono:
At least it wasn't the BotCon exclusive. We have enough spiders on the station.  :tongue1:

YES! Arcee! You are hired!  :dance1:
Wait…  :neutral:

What is this about Micron Legends Arcee???  O.o

Oh crap…  :shock2:



welp, time to find a new place to get my engex… I wonder if Mirage's opened a bar here....
No one can seem to find Mirage's bar. It's like it's invisible or something.  :giggle:

to qoute the bot herself: "I'll tell you what I told ALL the others. If you're between me and his handiwork, you're GONE... just GONE!"
Okay! You've convinced me. I'll hire her!  :D

I'm telling you, that bot is unhinged… there are easier ways to commit suicide...
I've been told that she knows how to serve shooters!  :bateyes:

how about no? I aint cleaning up all that spilled inner energon or what you call it... blood? there's a GOOD reason she's feared... :-(

you mean femdroids… sparkless AI machines shaped like a fembot… I mean a REAL fembot… like Arcee...on second thought, please not exactly like her... she's stabhappy... :eek:
  :thinking: Hmmmm… I do understand that she is free for hire…  :thinking:

*takes a swig of triple distilled engex* maaaan... this place is deader then Polyhex… where are all the sleeklined fembots? y'know… other then Dutchie. don't wanna have to run from her weapons...
You remember what you did last time I had femmebots working the bar...  :censored:

oh my... do we have the red a red button  :D :D
You're too late. The Arachnid already pressed it.  :whistle:

*shrug* I guess that's human entertainment? :neutral:
Stop pressing random red buttons!  :nana:

Leaves box with big red button on the bar.

News & Announcements / Re: sad day!! me retire!!
« on: April 16, 2018, 01:06:58 AM »
don't tell me you're putting some smelly talaxian in there...  :eek:
Nah... The Klingon just isn't moving out...  :tongue2:

News & Announcements / Re: sad day!! me retire!!
« on: April 14, 2018, 08:15:24 PM »
Take good care of yourself. Out of side but not out of the heart. This place shall always be a good memory.  :fishing: for old memories: posterfun, nuddyfun etc. Thanks Daniel for all your good work.                                 
Thank you TFdutchie, it was fun and a great way to learn all of this.. will miss it.
Dutchie... I have been told that I had to tell you that you still can't have Daniel's quarters on the station. ;)

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