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News & Announcements / Re: sad day!! me retire!!
« on: April 05, 2018, 11:53:01 PM »
Take good care of yourself. Out of side but not out of the heart. This place shall always be a good memory.  :fishing: for old memories: posterfun, nuddyfun etc. Thanks Daniel for all your good work.                                   

*enters the bar* cruch,cruch What's that under my feet? POPCORN?? Why is there popcorn on the floor?

General Discussion / Re: no more support win 7
« on: January 29, 2018, 05:06:38 PM »
I'll have to keep win 7 for a long time. I don't have the money for another change. MC  :thumbdown1: :censored: :steamingmad:

How about ooops?       :thumbsup: when you don't see the differents

 :thinking: I've seen those clowns before.... :thinking:
Oh, I know: "there from payday" *take my weapons and shoot them all up*

Raymond-T I've got some parts for you!

*sigh* Going outside the bar and shoot Black Arachnis with my special *whatyoumaycallit plasmarifel* Black is :censored: stripped off his paint and I have only a few scratches.  :tongue1:
*going back inside the bar*  :dance4: :dance2:

Now where did I left my can? *searching for it* Aha found it!  :spam: Here Raymond-T it's for you.

waaaait... you've seen Bubbles? how is the ol' bananamuncher? 8) or was it brains... I know it started with a "B"....
Well... He was kinda re-animated... Seeing as someone thought it was a good idea feeding him dark energon last time...  :waiting:
wasn't me...must've been the rhino.... where IS he anyways? :o
eeeeer, does he know we are moved? :whistle:

ugh whatever... give me some triple distilled engex...
Erm... Sure... Just a warning. The stuff I received is not yellow or purple. It's green...   :unsure1:
So...   :thinking:
I guess you want a double?  :thumbsup:
Don't forget to give some oil too. That stuff makes him rusty.  :censored:

eeeerrm Raymond-T, there is a Sparhinoquid at your bar.  :shock2:  :shock2:
Man, does he looks ugly!

Toetsenbord terrorrist : if I translate this one, will my keyboard explode?  :bite-nails:

I think it was me....... :D I'm playing bloons, that's a dart game popping balloons  :tongue2:

I'm so glad that figure has clothes on! I don't want to see her  :naked:  that would be  :censored:  :shock2: :eek:

When our ship goes dabo, why upgrading yourself  :naked:, because that's what see is  :naked: !

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